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We M SALIM CURTAIN are experts in supplying and installing mosque and surau carpets. Among them, different colors and designs are available. We are the leading manufacturer and importers of mosque carpets.  At M SALIM CURTAIN, we have 2 choice either you want to use either Economy  or Premium that will follow your budget. 

Why you have to choose mosque carpet from M SALIM CURTAIN?

  • Floral and Islamic geometry design.
  • Lowest Price Guaranty in Malaysia
  • Comfortable with high quality product. 
  • Many information about the maintenance mosque carpet that will be given to the customer.
  • Cleaning services using USA HEAT EXTRACTOR TECHNOLOGY that provided by us. 

Sultanah Mosque Carpet

Suleiman Mosque Carpet

Al Hamra Mosque Carpet

Al Huda Mosque Carpet

Al Ansar Mosque Carpet

Al Amin Mosque Carpet

Al Nuri Mosque Carpet

Al Akbar Mosque Carpet

Balqis Mosque Carpet

Al Nawawi Mosque Carpet

Al Dani Mosque Carpet

Az-Zehra Mosque Carpet

Islah Mosque Carpet