French Pleat Curtains

A classic pleat heading in groups of triple pleats, spaced evenly along the curtain which create a formal heading, with the benefit of very neat stacking to the side.  This design creates a sense of elegant and fullness with the visual of the repeating triple pleats, while being flexible and adjustable, depending on decor style, fabric choice, and functional requirements of the curtain. French Pleat curtain uses the 4-legged hook.

Singapore Pleat Curtains / Double Pleat Curtains

Double pleat, also known as Singapore pleats, are held in place with stitching.  This design creates a style which balances casual with traditional, perfect for any room setting. Double pleat curtain uses 1-legged curtain hook .

Eyelet Curtain

Eyelet curtains creates a modern look and make a dramatic feature of a window, hanging in deep & wide folds of fabric, which run in uniform lines from top to bottom. Eyelet curtains always hang from a pole, which is threaded through rings.

Pencil Pleat Curtains

Pencil pleating uses a longer width of fabric with evenly spaced narrow pleats. This design is versatile, working well with prints and plains and most different textures. Pencil pleat is adjustable to have loose pleats or narrow pleats. The pleats are created by pulling on cords to create an even gathering, which can be altered to fit a slightly wider or narrow window.

The finish is casual and cosy, perfect for the lounge or bedroom.

Rod Pocket / Slot Top Curtains

Rod pocket curtains, also known as Slot Top Curtains, are one of the basic curtain styles with a sewn-in rod pocket at the top of each curtain panel. Rod pocket curtains work well layered under a valance, or with a sheer or shade underneath. They are hung directly on a decorative or utility rod.

The finish is casual and cosy, perfect for the lounge or bedroom.

Tab & Loop Curtains

The tab top treatment gives drapes an informal feel. This style is seen at its best with light, simple fabrics. This style is especially suitable where drapes will not be regularly pulled open and closed as tab tops are not the easiest drapes to pull across the rod.

The top of the curtain is with a row of fabric tabs (loops) at regular intervals to be hung to the rod, thus the name. This is the modern, relaxed, and less formal headings.

The finish is casual and cosy, perfect for the lounge or bedroom.


This goblet shaped gathering creates a sumptuous statement. Goblet design curtains are suitable for both curtain tracks and poles.